Internship in Planetworks K.K.!


I am the new intern from Singapore
I started my internship at Planetworks one month ago.
During this one month, I have learnt a lot about
the company, and the role of everyone in
Planetworks. Everyone here have been very
welcoming; even preparing a
welcome dinner for me!

Now I will talk about what I have done and learnt so far.

1. I helped to improve Planetworks website by
removing all the broken links,
redirecting some
tabs to the correct link and fixing some of the
spelling and
grammar mistakes that the website
2. I helped to fix the Planetworks`s Wordpress by
ensuring that the website`s
English site shows up properly.
3. I familiarised myself with computer hardware
as well as networking and troubleshooting
especially through studying the content of A+ and CCNA. 
4. I translated the latest Review Supporter Test and also a few of the blog posts on this blog.
5. I made two prototype advertisement banners
for Facebook and Google advertisement.
6. I posted job postings for the job of billingual nationwide field engineer 
on PostJobFree and Craigslist.
7. I planned out a project proposal for a new web self-service application called Kyukyutai website.
(From this week onwards, I will be working hard
on this project!)
8. I taught my colleagues about the religion Islam during the weekly language exchange class.
9. I understand a lot more Japanese while staying in Tokyo. I have learnt to say お先西連れします
when I leave the office for example.
I also am studying a few of the basic Kanji.

Working while fasting has been tough. 
Adapting to the confusing train lines and crowded trains has been even more tough! 
I hope that with the help of everyone around me, 
I will be able to expand my skills and contribute more to Planetworks during the following month that I am working here.
Stay tuned!


Experience of a kindness during my onsite work

waferboard - coffee steam 1

These last few weeks have kept me on the road or rather on the train. Numerous service requests we have been handling lately are focused on updating various networking systems. Due to the nature of these networking changes disrupting work flow, inevitably much of our work has to be done on site when the least amount of people will be using the network. This often means we work at night.

With timing such as that, I am no stranger to the late night grind as work continues into the wee hours of the morning. Maybe it’s just the sleep deprivation at this point but I have really come to have a deep appreciation for Japanese hospitality both in private and corporate settings. Perhaps I am treated a certain way given that I am a foreigner with non-native speaking ability but nonetheless I really do appreciate even the smallest of gestures.

On numerous occasions I have been graciously presented with (nonalcoholic) drinks -- mostly water and tea. One event of unprovoked kindness that still sticks with me is of a night that happened several moons ago. This networking job was scheduled to take quite some time but the reality of the matter was that this project site was going to take much longer than expected.

To my pleasant surprise one of the people at the site went out of their way to not only make sure that I had water and tea on hand when I arrived, but they also took the time to put together a tray of freshly brewed coffee, complete with a little chocolate snack before they left the office for the night! To me, it’s not just the big things that matter but the little things as well so I took more than extra care that night. I hope they got my thank you note. 

A Field Engineer, Planetworks K.K.


Windows 10 experience?

Microsoft’s latest computer operating system has been seen on a few of our clients' laptop computers. It seems like this time Microsoft has took the base of Windows 7 and the touchscreen capability of Windows 8 and put them together. This is a step in the right direction for others there's a learning curve.

Some information to keep in mind is that by default many programs are setup to send Mircsoft data about your computer system. Certain versions of this operating system will automatically install updates without any user control. However the clients that I’ve talked to really do like using Windows 10 and that the added features are a nice touch.

Just keep in mind that when you update from one Windows operating system to another your data may be shifted around. If your computer is acting strange or you would like some help to get your setup working with Windows 10, please visit pc99.org and let us know.


My microSD card malfunctioned and I’ve lost my photos!

Japan Aid Tama Rescue Squad Staff member: Midorigawa


After a recent 3-day weekend, we received a call from an individual client, Mr. F, who reported that he had lost all of the photos he had taken on his smartphone. He said he had gone out with his family and they took quite a few pictures that were important family memories for them. However, once they got home to view the pictures, they were greeted with a message saying, “The microSD card is out of order.”


This was clearly a shock to Mr. F and he couldn’t help but miss the pictures all the more—some of them were of his kids and he knew they couldn’t be reproduced. Even searching for the data after plugging the phone into his PC did not yield any signs of the photos whatsoever. They seemed to have just vanished.


A few Internet searches brought up some promising-sounding advice saying that data could be retrieved using a data recovery program. However, the PC itself has no direct access to the microSD card, so Mr. F was clearly at a loss. Fortunately, an acquaintance referred him to us; and we have heard the “missing data” story many times.


Smartphone models vary, but microSD problems are not uncommon. This can be due to overheating, or any of a variety of other causes. Users should be wary that there are occasionally some foreboding signs before a malfunction occurs. Be on the look out for times when the card unmounts all on its own, or for sudden messages such as “Please reset the format.” Particularly if these ominous signs pop up frequently, you could be visited with a broken card in short order, and a loss of all the data on that card.


For cards that are showing signs of trouble or have totally gone "kaput," our office offers data salvaging services to rescue your precious content. Luckily, in the case of Mr. F, we were able to retrieve 100% of his treasured photos. But microSD cards do tend to be fussy and our foremost advice is to regularly back up the data from them onto your PC or cloud storage account. It’s sage advice that can’t be repeated often enough.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Japan Aid welcomes English speaking clients

Japan Aid Saitama Rescue Squad  Staff member: McLaughlin


Just recently we fielded a call from a client who said, in English, “My Internet seems to be down.” We were happy to take the call and offer troubleshooting advice in English. Our office has Japanese staff who can speak English and other staff members, like me, who are on call to handle service requests from inside and outside Japan. We believe this is part of the reason why we have plenty of repeat business from English speaking clients.


On this occasion, the caller above seems to have spent a good deal of time asking around for PC support in English. It seems that it was not an easy service to find. Fortunately, information from a friend led the caller to Japan Aid and we were happy to hear that the word is out: Japan Aid handles English calls.


In fact, we handle other languages as well, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Urdu. If you hear us answer the phone in Japanese, rest assured that some of our Japanese staff are also bilingual.


The caller mentioned above, Mr. F, was having Internet trouble because of a full hard drive. His selection of browser bookmarks and browser history had grown large enough to slow down his Internet access. I visited his office to have a look at his computer, check for any virus issues, and fix a few software problems. Afterwards, Mr. F’s browser speed was back to normal and his computer was humming along quite nicely.


This is a good time to also mention that Japan Aid offers a “Windows 7 Switch-over Package” as well as a “PC Data Moving Service” with English support. These packages are great for getting the settings right on your PC, connecting printers and other peripherals, connecting e-mail readers, Internet connections, a TV-computer link up, and anything else you may need.


If you’ve been turned away from another PC support office because they didn’t offer English support or didn’t have native English speakers on staff, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message.



For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Beware the sneaky electrons of lightning!

Japan Aid Kanagawa Rescue Squad Staff member: Takimoto


The types of damage lightning can do to PC equipment is not limited to the electrical parts. When the effects of lightning travel through the phone line or Internet connection (ADSL line, cable TV line, etc.), certainly the PC itself is at risk, but so are the LAN and internal modem.


One of our valued clients is a manga artist, Mr. Y, who does some of his professional work on his computer. He has prepared for possible lightning strikes, though, and uses a surge protector. During our recent lightning storm, he shut down and unplugged his computer at the first sounds of thunder. He thought he would just patiently wait for the storm to pass.


However, Mr. Y’s computer was one of the unlucky ones in the vicinity of lightning strikes. His PC was fine, but his ADSL modem was ruined. “I’d turned off the power, so I thought everything would be fine,” he explained. But unfortunately, his modem was still connected during the storm and only the PC itself was turned off.


This does happen. All telephone lines, communication lines, modems, etc. are just as vulnerable to electrical surges as PCs are. And if the modem is internal, it can be seared with electricity that will also touch, and damage, the main PC board.


So to avoid lightning damage more thoroughly, begin by disconnecting modem and router cables, LAN cables, modular cables (between the phone and the computer), antenna cables (for PCs with TV tuners), and peripheral cables. For wireless networks, though, no direct connection exists, so no measures are necessary (such as removing the wireless LAN card from the PC).


In Mr. Y’s case, no direct damage occurred to his PC, but he did purchase new surge protection equipment for his phone line and power supplies. He had a good scare this time around. “If my manuscripts were lost just because of my connection to the phone line, I would have been mortified,” he said.


And we completely agree. Your work is too important to be risked over a momentary change in weather. Electrical surges can sneak in through many unexpected routes. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Please double check your surge protectors before the height of lightning season arrives (and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need custom-tailored assistance).



For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Advice please on making my smartphone sing


Japan Aid Tama Rescue Squad Staff member: Yokoyama


In the course of a recent meeting with a trusted partner who is part of our "Windows 7 Upgrade Package" service, we heard him talk about an acquaintance, Mr. W, who "bought a new smartphone, but still wasn't able to get at its full functionality."


Mr. W works in sales and seems to have the need for access to his data while he's out in the field. He had been using a netbook connected to his cell phone, but with all the recent hype wondered, "Wouldn't it be nice to just have one device, one phone, and do everything on it." So he bought a smartphone with that in mind. He was computer literate, so he assumed he could easily use a smartphone. But once he had one in hand, he had to admit defeat.


His first recourse was to call customer support, but he found himself stymied by the automated voice system that didn't address his specific questions. No worries, he thought, off to the local shop run by his service carrier. But there, too, he ran into trouble. Maybe because of the weekend, the place was packed. The official wait was close to two hours and, although we would have gotten some help eventually, he just gave up and left, not wanting to waste so much time.


As he headed home, he wondered if maybe the local electronics shop would be a possibility, but assumed that it, too, would be packed on the weekend. It was then that he ran into his friend and they go to talking about how nice it would be to have someone just listen patiently and then explain the smartphone functions to him. At which point, our company's name came up and the Tama Rescue Squad was mentioned. When asked directly, we were happy to tell them that we offer tech support for both cell phone and smart phone conundrums.


Recently much talk is made of smartphones and how convenient they are, which is true, but we've fielded complaints from people who find them more difficult to use than PCs. Smartphone manuals don't quite cover the works, so we offer support for clients who need customized explanations matched exactly to the user environment they find themselves in - including the necessary apps for their work. Don't hesitate to give us a call!


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue

Help blocking harmful websites

Japan Aid Yamanashi Rescue Squad Staff member: Takasaka


Most folks this week seem to be busy with plans for spring break or preparations for the new school year becuase we've been getting increased requests about newly purchased or upgraded PCs.

Along with developments in our Windows 7 Upgrade Package that we offer, I found myself visiting one of our partner retailers recently. During the visit, Mr. A talked to me about his anticipated homework assignments for his son in junior high school. "Surely a new computer would help with the work load," he commented.

But at the same time he was concerned about his son starting to use the computer. He knew there were harmful sites, including phishing and other sites, that he needed to watch out for, but it wasn't practical, or helpful, to restrict his son from using the computer as a valuable resource. Mr A wanted to "know how to put access restrictions on certain sites."

Of course as part of our Windows 7 Upgrade Package, we offer fully customized settings for your particular user needs. This will allow your children to use the computer, but not be exposed to any web sites you don't want them exposed to.

Mr. A was not necessarily set on purchasing the Windows 7 Upgrade Package, but in either case, he wanted help with setting certain restrictions on the computer. Clients who find themselves in the same situation are warmly encouraged to contact us. Given the season, however, it is wise to do so a bit earlier than usual. The end of the school year overlaps with the end of the fiscal year and the office can get a bit busy!


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Keyboard is slower than molasses

JapanAid Tama Rescue Squad    Staff member: Yokoyama


Mr. K from a local commerce association contacted us about his keyboard. He said the keyboard response was pretty fuzzy and he wondered whether this was a sign that the keyboard was ready to break on him. He hadn't abused the keyboard (no coffee stains that we could find), but no matter what he tried, it wouldn't return to normal.

His general concerns extended beyond the keyboard so he asked us to, "Come and have a look." We gladly went by his office and found out first-hand that, although the keyboard wasn't on life support, it did indeed only slowly respond to commands.

When a keyboard slows down like this, possible causes include: insufficient memory, a malfunctioning hard drive, or trouble with the motherboard. After we asked a few questions, Mr. K noted that the keyboard trouble started up after he installed a PDF maker, which led us to think that this was a compatibility issue with the OS.

OS compatibility issues arise when, for example, you upgrade the Windows OS but the existing software or drivers on your system don't mesh well with the new OS. Sometimes odd sounds might come from the computer, or it just stops mid-way through startup.

In Mr. K's case, we did a system recovery, reinstalled MS Office, and installed PROMO PDF to return the keyboard to its normal zippy response time.

Just a reminder, we offer a "Windows 7 Bridge Pack" for offices upgrading from their current PCs to new ones with Windows 7 installed. This pack includes the works: all the setup, data transfer, online connectivity assistance, mail settings, printer/scanner settings, etc. You will be able to seamlessly moving into your new computer environment quickly and comfortably. 2012 is already underway, but there's no reason your office should be left behind!

Why does my iPod take so long to sync?

JapanAid Kanagawa Rescue Squad Staff member: Takimoto

It seems we can't live without our iPods, but recently more and more people are turning their phones and other mobile devices into de facto music players. One wonders if the batteries can even make it through the day sometimes :-)

But more to the point, today's request for assistance came from a client we'll call "Mr. S" concerning his iPod.

Specifically, synching the device seemed to be taking way too long. As you may know, "synching" refers to transferring or updating data on the device by hooking it up to a computer. For an iPod, this is done with iTunes software on the PC end (and of course a USB cable in between).

In Mr. S's case, the exact cause was corrupt files on the iPod slowing things down. However, in other instances, the culprit could very well be the USB hub (which could be causing excess "noise" during transmission of data). So, first order of business is to initialize the iPod. This should help matters greatly. But it also wouldn't hurt to switch out your USB hub (i.e., replace it) if you can.

If you have an iPod that "freezes" and won't respond to any commands, or even turn on, the best approach is to reset or initialize it. But understandably, this can make people leery. Please don't hesitate to ask us for assistance at times like this. 

Speaking of Apple products, the word on the street is that their new iPad 3 will be supported on the au telecom network here in Japan. If so, we expect the number of users to jump. Our office handles "care and repair" for the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Again, please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

Additionally, for those of you who are starting school or moving to a new job (as folks tend to do around this time of year), please note that we offer a comprehensive "PC Movers Package" that simplifies the complicated steps of setting up, configuring, and getting your electronics on line and working ASAP. Don't go it alone! Individuals or companies are warmly encouraged to get in touch with us, even if it's just for friendly advice.

For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Business proposal...??

One of the scam / spam e-mails you need to be careful: 

From: Thomas Manu [mailto:thomasmanu236@msn.com]
Sent: Wednesday, September 07, 2011 7:10 AM
To: undisclosed-recipients:
Subject: Business proposal
Compliment of the day to you.

I am  (Thomas K. Manu) a Director of operation in Ghana National Patroleum Corporation. My  primary assignment in the corporation is to award contracts that have been approved by the Government. In the course of awarding these contracts for the prefabrication/refurbishment of the nation refinery. The contract which was awarded to an expatriate was inflated to the tune of $13,700,000.00 USD.

I am seeking your indulgence and assistance in having this amount remitted to your account for investment purposes. There is absolutely no liability, be it civil or criminal on your part.

We have resolved to compensate you with 27% commission for your assistance in having this fund transferred to your account for investment purposes.

This transaction is being executed with the blessing of Executives in government and in the Oil ministry. More details will be forwarded to you, should I receive a positive response from you. Looking forward to having a healthy and lucrative business relationship with you.

Thank you in advance for your corporation.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas K. Manu
Director of operation
(GNPC) Accra Ghana 


Planetworks is hiring

To continue our expansion Planetorks is hiring the best professionals. If you want to apply for any of the jobs bellow please email us to e{@}pnw{dot}biz
Only people currently living in Japan with a work visa need apply.

We are recruiting five full time VMWARE experts. Job location is western Tokyo and you should be bilingual (English/Japanese).

We are recruiting two full time DB2/Oracle experts. Job location is western Tokyo and you should be bilingual (English/Japanese).

We are recruiting several full time Unisys Mainframe support engineers. Job location is western Tokyo and you should be bilingual (English/Japanese).

Nationwide freelance positions available. CCNA or equivalent level skills required. Priority areas are Tokyo, Osaka and Sapporo. CCNP, CCIE or equivalent skills an advantage. Competitive payment structure.

Nationwide freelance positions for IT support engineers. Deep knowledge of Windows family and laptop / desktop repair required.
Knowledge in other IT areas (server administration, Cisco, PBX, linux...) an advantage.

Do not hesitate to share this post with your friends.


Motherboard replacement

3867530a.jpgThe motherboard is the main piece of a computer as all the other devices are connected to the motherboard. If the motherboard fails the PCwill not boot and a replacement is necessary.

Our customer's computer would not boot properly and it was behaving strangely. After extensive testing, we found out that the motherboard was broken.

Replacing the motherboard is the most difficult hardware replacement.It is also difficult to find a select the right board model to replace the broken one. That is when a professional service is invaluable.

We replaced the motherboard with a new compatible board and set up the system to work the new board. After the replacement and set up our customer was able to continue working without any data loose. For more information about motherboard replacement please contact www.pc99.org/e


Recovery of a VJ40MEH NEC laptop 2

This laptop had been unused for over a year and when the customer tried to turn it on, it would reboot after the Windows logo screen.

It had been infected by many virus that had in turn created system file errors while infecting the computer.

Safe mode and other recovery options did not work, as we found out that many system files where corrupted. We checked all the hardware and it was in great condition so we recovered all the system from a backup and customized all the settings for our customer.

For more information about system recovery options and other IT services please visit www.pc99.org/e (English page for JapanAid PC Rescue 99)


Technicians in Okinawa needed

Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99 team is seeking an experienced IT technician to join our nationwide IT service networks specially in Okinawa.

Come share your talent with a hard-working team that is dedicated to delivering the highest quality IT service (hardware, software, network).

If interested in this opportunity, please use this form for application.

Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99 services 24/7 nationwide for your onsite IT needs


internet connection failure JCOM

I recently built a new PC; when I brought it home, installed everything, connected to the Internet, but it wouldn't connect. Tried Windows, Linux, but it had probably something to do with the hardware. Tried everything that came to my mind, (it has 2 ethernet ports, I checked both of them, disabled both and connected a PCI network card), nothing helped. Searched the forums, but I couldn't find anyone else complaining, so maybe only mine is broken, because the other PC and PS3 were working.

I then brought it to the place where I bought it from and asked them if they can check. When they checked, I was surprised - it worked there. Ok, good, at least it's not broken, I thanked them and brought it back. Problem was that it couldn't establish connection between the router and itself. I switched off the router, disconnected everything, restarted, reconnected, and saw that it was able to establish the connection now. So it was problem with the router which J:COM has provided. Few days ago I was searching for a wireless router, I found in the (Japanese) forums that it has problem with J:COM router, few others complaining that the router doesn't work very well with some other devices as well. I did search the forums when I faced the trouble, but I suspected the problem was with the new PC, because the other PC was working fine and didn't think about the router.

So if you're using J:COM, have problem with a new PC or just about any network-related issue, check the router.

Mohammad@Planetworks' PC Rescue 99


Job Opportunities for IT Engineers in Japan 4

Open position for IT engineers at Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99, onsite IT service 24/7 nationwide Japan:

- nationwide Japan
- PC harware, software, network skill required
- experince on service trade preferrable

Send us inquiries via e-mail info "at" pc99.cc.


iPhone 3G from Softbank Mobile

Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99 had released mobile phone series from Softbank Mobile including Apple's iPhone 3G.

Since voice communication between Softbank Mobile is free of charge, there will be a great decrease of communication cost within corporate users.
  1. basic charge JPY980 per month.
  2. free calls between registered Softbank users 24 hours a day.
  3. free calls between Softbank users in 01:00-21:00.
  4. half cost for calls to other carriers like NTT Docomo, KDDI au.
Call us now for any inquiries!
or use our inquiry form at http://www.pc99.org/e/

Softbak Mobile for corporate user


Alliance with Fusion GOL

fusiongol Planetworks / JapanAid PC Rescue 99 had made alliance with Fusion GOL, a Rakuten group company, which provides internet service mainly to non-Japanese residents in Japan.

Planetworks / JapanAid PC Rescue 99 will provide onsite support including trouble shooting to GOL's customer, and also make sales for Fusion GOL internet service to its customer who does not have internet connection or still using legacy type of connection including ISDN or dial-up connection.


Equipo de emergencia JapanAID para reparaciones de computadores 3

¿Su computador no quiere prendèr màs?

¿No puede mandar Email?

¿Se contagìo de Virus o spywire?

¿No puede ver la internet ?

¿Tiene problemas con el sonido ?

¿Quiere sacar las pastas de la computadora pero no pùede porque no funciona?

¿No sabe configurar el LAN sin cable?

¡Si tiene algùnos de estos problemas llamenos !

¡El equipo de emergència Japan AID lo va a ayudar!


¿Ya no se arrepintio de las informaciònes que tiene dentro de su omputadora rota?

¿No le parece caro volver a funciònar para sacar las informaciònes?

¿Cuando pidìo para que le reparen el computador no le digieròn que no se va a ser responsable de las informaciònes que tiene dentro?

El equipo de emergència repara solamente computadoras ,si no tambien queremos solucionar su problema para que pueda usar su computadora nuevamente.


- Vamos el mismo dia que nos llama !!o el dia que ùsted quiere marcar.

- El costo basìco para que vaya el tecnico a su casa 3.150yen.

- Tenemos tecnicos en cualquier parte de japòn.

- Aceptamos Mac

- Tenemos tecnicas mujeres para nuestras clientes mujeres.

- Tenemos asìstencia para extrajeros en varios idiomas (Inglès, Chino, Coreano, Español, Portuguès, Italiàno, Arabia uldo)

El costo de entrada es de 3.150yen pero solamente ahora es gratis !!

(pero el costo de la reparaciòn es solamente si pasa de 10.000yen


Nosotros el equipo de emergència …..


- Damos lo mejor de nosotros para que el cliente se sienta sastifecho y nosotros tambièn.

- Le enseñamos tambièn a los clientes por si ocurre la misma cosa en su computador de vuelta.

- Tambièn damos recòmendaciones si le sale mas bàrato comprar un computador nuevo o arreglarlo.

- Las informaciònes que tiene su hardwire de ninguna manera va a ser revelado y va ser extrictivamente guardadas.

- Para cualquier informaciòn comuniquese con nosotros.


Compania Planet works

Equipo de emèrgencia Japan AID


Compania central
Cp Edificio Mifune 406, 150-0041 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku 1-5-14

Telefono de contacto:




Global SMTP settings (グローバルSMTPの設定)

5359eabf.jpgHello, this is Lucas from PC Rescue 99.

I had a request from a customer to setup her notebook to check e-mail from her main account when she was in her working place in her apartment and when she was traveling in the midle east, america and europe, until here every things sounds normal, the problem was that she didn`t want to change her smtp every time she change provider and enviroment or country, and not using web mail either.

So I did a bit of research and found a thrird party with a global smtp, she is using and is cheap (not free ) and works, problem solve.  Good for someone that travels a lot and carry a notebook.


PC Rescue 99, computer repair service within greater Tokyo area



Personal tour guide to Akihabara for Gaijins

f5d61899.jpgWe got a call from a tourist from Europe. He wants to buy Japan's latest stylish Sony VAIO computer to bring back to his country.

So we had arranged a personal tour guide to Akihabara. Our bilingual PC Rescue 99 staff had guided him for about half day and finally got a brand new computer, international version with special price.

After he bought one computer, our staff guided him around other side of Akihabara, an Otaku side, Japanese animation shops, Maid cafes, etc.

We normally charge JPY10,500 for half day course. But we are quite flexible to meet your specific demand.

PC Rescue 99, computer repair service within greater Tokyo area


Inquiry from the Embassy, cannot connect to the internet

Hi, this is Lucas from PC Rescue 99.

Here is yesterday’s case study;

The customer complained that he could not get connect to the internet for a week and half.

When I went to his apartment, his connection was wireless, he have a Planex router, and a USB dongle on the receiving end.

First I check the DHCP settings, which was ok. Then what was the IP address, and noticing that was giving me the wrong kind of IP one’s with 169.254.xxx.xxx. So I tried to get into the router, but from his pc, it was not possible, so I went to the the manufacture's web site, and downloaded the manual, checked the settings. This particular router, is a bit different from the others, so after I could login into the router, made a new WEP key, and check the settings in the pc, and he could get connected to the internet.


PC Rescue 99, computer trouble shooting within Tokyo area


Conversion of Japanese computer into English version

This is Lucas from PC Rescue 99, Planetworks K.K.

We have got the order from the tourist from UK, who wanted to have his brand new Sony VAIO computer converted from Japanese Windows XP into English one.

We had first installed the Japanese version, retrieved the drivers and special application software, formatted again, and re-installed the English version of Microsoft Windows XP.

Then we had installed the drivers and application software, though some software are no good as the software uses Japanese specialized code.

Call us when you need your Japanese computer converted into other languages!


JapanAid PC Rescue 99 new flyer 4

24c147b1.gifJapanAid PC Rescue 99
Your on-site computer rescue service

We service within the greater Tokyo area

Phone: 03-5728-3576
Fax: 020-4623-0031
E-mail: info@pc99.org


Wants to connect external hard drive

We've got a phone call from a lady from Chuo-ku. She wants to connect and install the new external HDD IO-Data's HDC series 300GB, to her Compaq Presario 2200, XP, English ver. in order to save her iTunes' data. Our quotation: JPY2000 for basic charge + JPY3000 for the work + if any.

Our Lucas went there the next morning. He installed and made the hard drive recognized by the system, moved the MP3 files to the new storage device.

PC Rescue 99 serves expats and foreign companies around Tokyo


Noise from HDD and cannot boot, since 5 days ago

A report from our Lucas, multilingual engineer who can speak English, Japanese, Portuguese, French and Italian, who went for a customer at Akasaka , Tokyo, who had some noise from HDD and cannot boot, since 5 days ago.

After we opened the IBM Thinkpad notebook computer and did the diagnostics, we found out that there are some bad area in the hard drive. So we moved the important data to another disk, and will change the HDD later.

- JapanAid PC Rescue 99, safe guard of your computer, 24/7 service around greater Tokyo area -




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