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Kyukyutai Web Application

Hi everyone, it is the intern here.

It has been another month working in Planetworks K.K. and currently I have been busy with Kyukyutai web application project. For this project, I am
Project Manager.

Web applications have been increasingly important in the business world today for several reasons.
It provides an opportunity for Planetworks K.K to
reach out to new customers as well as allow more people to understand the services that we provide. 

Kyukyutai web application aims to be an avenue for enhanced customer support whereby the customer can know the estimate of how much the specific
service will cost for any PC problem that they have.

Basically, the web application is a price
calculator built specially for customers that are
interested in using PC Rescue 99`s services.
This will allow customers to understand how the pricing works and know what they are paying for. 

The primary function of the application is to
provide a good user interface that customers are
able to easily navigate through a well-designed
layout on desktop as well as on mobile.

A secondary function would be that after the customer has gotten the final price, he will be able to
send feedback regarding the new application within the same service.

The web application will be built into a Wordpress
plugin and the admin will be able to edit the prices from the backend easily. 

I hope the web application will be able to be
created successfully and will serve to open new
doors for Planetworks K.K.

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先週、ローガンさんと私は、AI EXPOに行きました。















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Cisco router and switch ready to go

Received Cisco routers and switches and Planetworks' JapanAid team now ready to go onsite for installation.



Midwinter greetings and happy lunar new year!!

Hello! We at Japan Aid PC Rescue 99 (PC99) would like to thank you for using our translation team, Secure Network Services, Electronic Bidding, or any of our offered services.
How are your computer and  IT network systems?

If you have any kind of trouble with your system, we are ready and able to provide a consultation at any time by phone or  email.

Our PC99 services can service your systems at the time of emergency, but in fact, you can reduce your cost with our routine prevention services. Please feel free to contact us about our computer maintenance support and periodic IT system inspection services.

Best regards,
Kaz Saruwatari
Logan Malinowski
Planetworks K.K. 
1-5-14-406 Jinnnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041 
TEL 03-5728-3575 FAX 03-6862-8315 
URL http://planetworks.co.jp/wp/
URL http://www.pc99.org/e
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Looking for a company phone solution?

Recently some of the work we have been doing has involved the testing of IP PBX systems for a few clients.

Essentially this technology is a system allowing telephone calls over the IP data networks. The back end accommodates any current external communication infrastructure. This means that the same phone numbers can be maintained making this a true upgrade for day-to-day business communications.

At its core an IP PBX system is an IP PBX server and possibly a VoIP Gateway for existing PSTN lines that connects one or more SIP phones. SIP phones are designed to be installed directly onto the PC, which removes the need of wiring. This also makes the addition of new phones into the system even easier too.

The scalability afforded by IP phones is not restricted to expensive hardware modules. A standard computer has the capability to handle large numbers of extensions and phone lines making the addition of more lines as easy as installing more phones onto your PBX network.

The sheer flexibility, scalability, and true ease of use of PBX systems makes it a really attractive communication solution for companies of all sizes and scope. If you are interested in continued maintenance or installation of an IP PBX system please send us an inquirely email or contact us by phone.


Networking Services

As a frequent gamer and someone who readily relies on the internet for many work related things, there’s little better than a smoothly operating internet connection. The internet is one of those things that can become so seamless that you forget about it, until something goes wrong of course. Working here brings a little sense of pride that our services are employed to maintain many Wan and Lan systems for various clients. In this way downtime is minimized for the normal users and everything can continue as smoothly as possible.

Due to the nature of this work, I’ve found myself working alongside and remotely with international teams from all backgrounds and expertise. I have even met Japanese that have attended universities very close to mine! Because of this diversity, the general language is English and locally Japanese is used. This is great experience for me as I continue to improve my Japanese language skills and working aptitude. Currently the work I’ve participated in has included but not limited to: device installations, network upgrades, and various maintence services. If you are looking for support for your bussiness in Japan, please send us an inquirely email or give us a call.


Going the Distance

Some days just seem to carry on for forever but other days are over before you know it. The last few weeks were like the latter. So much was going on that I could hardly believe that it was the weekend already. One of my business trips took me far south from Nagoya. One thing I think that some take for granted is the fact that within Tokyo and other major cities, public transportation like trains is very convient. Naturally the locations where most of my work was going to take place was quite a ways away from any major train line.

Without a train line, one doesn’t have many more options other than by vehicle or by walking it. In time sensitive situations one will definatly want to take the taxi or bus if it’s able to get you partially there. I have found that not all bus schudels line up with the trains that run but most bus stops I’ve seen have time tables posted. Thankfully all the taxi drivers that I’ve used while trying to get to not so easy locations know the area and are always able to get me safely to where I need to go. Tipping isn’t something to worry about and the taxi’s automatic door really helps so you can continue on your busy way without missing a beat. Thankfully our location is easily accessible from two major stations Shibuya St. and Harajuku St. Our services also can come to you!
JapanAid PC Rescue 99 Planetworks 


No Language Barrier Service

Japan can really be a world of wonder, especially when your smart phone has died and you have no idea where you are. To make things even more complicated many Japanese streets are maze like and addresses for things are seemingly beyond reason. Truth is that ouside of major city centers like Tokyo, there really are only Japanese that basically only speak Japanese. Being unable to communicate can be quite difficult and frustrating; there’s no reason to make a bad situation even more stressful. I personally recommend learning some basic Japanese survival phrases or carrying a phrase book with you if you plan to really explore. But international travel doesn’t have to be that stressful.

Thankfully, we at PC Rescue 99 have taken notice of the importance of meeting non-Japanese speakers halfway. We make sure our staff has enough mastery of the English and Japanese languages to get you the help that you need without hassel. We service clients from all over the world and if you would need help please don’t hesitate to check us out at http://www.pc99.org/e/. Our staff also has the ability to come to you no matter where you are in Japan so there's no issue if you can't come to us.


Windows 10 experience?

Microsoft’s latest computer operating system has been seen on a few of our clients' laptop computers. It seems like this time Microsoft has took the base of Windows 7 and the touchscreen capability of Windows 8 and put them together. This is a step in the right direction for others there's a learning curve.

Some information to keep in mind is that by default many programs are setup to send Mircsoft data about your computer system. Certain versions of this operating system will automatically install updates without any user control. However the clients that I’ve talked to really do like using Windows 10 and that the added features are a nice touch.

Just keep in mind that when you update from one Windows operating system to another your data may be shifted around. If your computer is acting strange or you would like some help to get your setup working with Windows 10, please visit pc99.org and let us know.


Internet Access in Japan for foreigners

Life and the internet have become increasingly interconnected across countless countries including Japan. This is expecially true as the usefulness and immediacy of smart phones bring the net ever closer to directly interfacing with our brains, much like what we see in the anime and manga called Ghost in the Shell. Sadly, unlike that cyber-enhanced future, finding internet access can be a challenge for foreigners in Japan.

Thankfully there are a myriad of ways to get around this. Some carriers outside of Japan have international plans that will allow access to the internet through service providers here in Japan. There are also smart phone apps that will allow tourists free internet access at some 200,000 locations per app. You can also get a rental or prepaid SIM card from one of Japan’s major carriers.

If you’re going to be staying a while in Japan and you need to set up internet in your place of residence please visit pc99.org and let us know. We will gladly help you with your internet needs.

JapanAid PC Rescue 99 


Expat working here in Japan

Hello this is Logan from Planetworks' HQ in Shibuya, Tokyo. I started working here last year.

As someone who grew up in America, quite a few elements of Japanese culture made it State side and have influenced me and countless others. One of the first things that come to mind is Japanese graphic novels called
manga and Japanese animation otherwise known as anime. Love it or hate it, both terms are pretty much common vernacular which attests to their growing popularity.

Working in Japan is a very different experience then what is depicted in those stories, that's not to say I don't occasionally run into giant robots or Power Rangers in my line of work. Technological industry and infrastructure is exceedingly important to the Japanese economy, and globally to those that depend on technologies based in Japan. Maximizing the utility, efficiency, and operating times of these technologies all across Japan is our mission at Planetworks. Some of our services can be found at pc99.org.

Over the following weeks I hope to share with you more of my experiences working as an expat in Japan's technological industry.


Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99 covers US bases in Japan.

Planetworks' JapanAid PC Rescue 99 covers US bases in Japan.
PC repair, network trouble shooting, installations, etc.

Locations include Okinawa (Foster, Kinser, Kadena, Torii Station, etc.) Misawa, Yokota Yokosuka, Zama, Atsugi, Kure, Iwakuni, Sasebo, etc.

US bases in Japan


Electronic Bidding Core System

In order to make bidding for governmental sectors in Japan, you need to have Electronic Bidding Core System installed in your PC:


Planetworks offer you this Electronic Bidding Core System for you to make bidding from either in Japan or outside Japan.

Call us at 03-5728-3575 or use below form for any inquiry:

Planetworks K.K.
1-5-14-406 Jinnnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
TEL 03-5728-3575 FAX 03-6862-8315


Supplying and setting up PCs at a military base school in Okinawa

Uruma (Okinawa) Rescue Squad  Staff member: Nakasone


Last month, in anticipation of the Christmas holiday season (when new items tend to be purchased) our office was called on to supply and set up PCs for use by 100+ students at a local school. This particular junior high/high school is on the U.S. military base here in Okinawa and they were in need of the English language edition of Windows 7.



The installation work included setting up PCs by the dozen, networking them, then downloading software to them from the new network. Our extra staff members came in handy since it is more efficient to bring the machines online simultaneously.

With Christmas approaching, the Amerian-style school had lots of students and staff sporting their best Santa hats, etc. And, we were in for a treat during lunchtime. A restaurant on the base served us U.S.-sized portions when we ordered the scrumptious hamburgers.



For high-volume PC setup, etc. (including English language software) contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Trouble with "One-Seg"

Japan Aid Tama Rescue Squad  Staff member: Wakabayashi


We recently were contacted by a certain Mr. I for help with a smartphone problem. Mr. I had been our customer when he was in the work force, but is now enjoying his retirement. We were certainly pleased to be of continued service to him and were very glad that he remembered us from his previous occupation.


On this particular day he wanted to ask for assistance with his smartphone’s “one-seg” service. He had been interested in it for a while and had finally been able to purchase a handset at a reasonable price. The device he got was a multi-function smartphone with a host of features, including infrared capability and what's called "one-seg." However, although Mr. I was having no trouble with Internet data and phone calls, his one-seg reception was lacking and he didn’t understand why.


For smartphones and more conventional feature phones, one-seg is a TV broadcast service that is independent of voice and data transmission. One-seg relies on radio waves whose broadcast might be subject to interruption—either because of the geographical area or because of the broadcast schedule—even when phone and data signals are operating normally. Other difficulties might exist as well, such as being too distant from the broadcasting station, being in a moving car or train, being underground, indoors, or in a closed space, being sandwiched between tall hills, mountains, or buildings, being close to high-voltage power lines, electric railways, radio stations, expressways, etc. Basically anything that can interfere with or physically hinder electro-magnetic waves can lead to decreased sound and video for mobile TV reception.


In Mr. I’s case, he just happened to spend most of his time in areas with poor reception. In all honestly, it is pretty unlikely that your one-seg service will be able to match the quality that you are used to with your home television set. Our advice to Mr. I was to try and view one-seg TV close to a window, if he is indoors, and to try and choose other places that are likely to have the best reception.

For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Japan Aid welcomes English speaking clients

Japan Aid Saitama Rescue Squad  Staff member: McLaughlin


Just recently we fielded a call from a client who said, in English, “My Internet seems to be down.” We were happy to take the call and offer troubleshooting advice in English. Our office has Japanese staff who can speak English and other staff members, like me, who are on call to handle service requests from inside and outside Japan. We believe this is part of the reason why we have plenty of repeat business from English speaking clients.


On this occasion, the caller above seems to have spent a good deal of time asking around for PC support in English. It seems that it was not an easy service to find. Fortunately, information from a friend led the caller to Japan Aid and we were happy to hear that the word is out: Japan Aid handles English calls.


In fact, we handle other languages as well, including Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and Urdu. If you hear us answer the phone in Japanese, rest assured that some of our Japanese staff are also bilingual.


The caller mentioned above, Mr. F, was having Internet trouble because of a full hard drive. His selection of browser bookmarks and browser history had grown large enough to slow down his Internet access. I visited his office to have a look at his computer, check for any virus issues, and fix a few software problems. Afterwards, Mr. F’s browser speed was back to normal and his computer was humming along quite nicely.


This is a good time to also mention that Japan Aid offers a “Windows 7 Switch-over Package” as well as a “PC Data Moving Service” with English support. These packages are great for getting the settings right on your PC, connecting printers and other peripherals, connecting e-mail readers, Internet connections, a TV-computer link up, and anything else you may need.


If you’ve been turned away from another PC support office because they didn’t offer English support or didn’t have native English speakers on staff, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send us a message.



For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


The ayes have it – the iPhone 5 is here

Japan Aid Tokorozawa Rescue Squad 

Staff member: Motoya


Well, by now we’re sure that you’ve all heard the news about the official launch of the iPhone 5. September 21st is the magic day when sales will commence. The new phone’s screen size is 4.0 inches (up from 3.5), while the body is thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4S. Inside you’ll find the ‘A6’ processor with double the computing speed of its predecessor, alongside an 8-megapixel camera with panoramic shooting capability. Surely there are many who will clamor to get their hands on this phone (quite literally).  


One of the catchiest features is the ‘tethering function.’ This allows you to use the iPhone 5 like an external modem that will connect your computer, tablet, etc. to the Internet. For example, even if you are not near a Wi-Fi hot spot, your iPhone 5 will allow you to get online with your computer from whatever mobile location you find yourself in.


The iPhone has been known as a device whose simplicity appeals to young and old alike, but it seems that the iPhone 5 will extend this appeal to an even wider audience. This would mean that it’s likely many people who have never used a smartphone and who are not used to operating one will be among the new users of the iPhone 5.


Our office regularly fields requests for support with mobile phones, smartphones, and tablet PCs. We have quite a bit of experience solving a wide range of issues due to the sheer quantity of calls we handle. If you should find yourself in a situation where you “can’t get connected” or “can’t configure this darned thing,” please feel free to gives us a call or send us a support request. We are always happy to offer our services.



For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


A little nebulous on cloud computing?

Planet Works, K.K. Web Supervisor: Kudo


Today I want to take the opportunity to write a bit about my experience with cloud computing. What are called “cloud services” or “cloud computing solutions” are a variety of services that are provided over the Internet.


Until fairly recently, the e-mail messages, digital photos, documents, and data files that we all handle were stored locally on our personal computers in most cases. However, with the advent of cloud services, those items can be stored on a network that can be accessed 24 hours a day, from any machine or device connected to the Internet. Files once locked away locally can now be viewed or downloaded by their owners globally.


The importance of this type of service was keenly demonstrated in last year’s massive earthquake on March 11. I read an article about companies that stored their computer files and data on “clouds” and therefore were able to get back to business more quickly simply because their data was accessible.


Considering that accumulated and stored digital data are a corporate (or personal) asset nowadays, it goes without saying that something of such value should be stored in more than one location. But if this is at all confusing, how about a concrete example?


For those of you who are used to Word or Excel, Microsoft’s “SkyDrive” service is probably the easiest cloud example to grasp. The newest 2010 version of MS Office is chock full of features, one of which is the ability to open and start working on new Word docs or Excel spreadsheets without having the actual MS Office application with you. That is, you can open the new file “in the cloud.” If you have an iPhone, you can view these documents. And if you have an iPad, you can view as well as create and edit them. What’s more, if you learn to use One Note, you can have a portable memo pad of your own, permanently in the cloud. Access it anywhere to use it sort of like a digital brain for keeping track of anything you don’t want cluttering your regular brain.


There are many other cloud services, some free some not, including ones from Google Drive, Amazon, NTT, and others. You might have also heard of Evernote and Drop Box. But before you get bogged down in the options, I heartily recommend Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Among other reasons, its display when viewed on an iPhone is spectacular. Please give it a whirl before you start to feel behind the times!


And for those of you who would like to further master Word and Excel, or who would like a place to try out the functionality of SkyDrive and One Note, please stop by our instructional location called “Shibuden” in Shibuya.


Japan Aid PC Rescue “Shibuden”


Boosting your business' appeal before the peak season

Japan Aid Nagano Rescue Squad Staff member: Aizawa


We received a request recently from Mr. A who runs a hotel and who wanted to freshen up his business’ homepage. Mr. A’s hotel is doing good business and enjoys a number of repeat customers, but he told us, “I want to bring in more non-Japanese guests from abroad and was hoping my web site would be able to help me do that.”

He continued, “Right now my website is only in Japanese, which of course means that virtually no non-Japanese speakers view the site. If I could add multilingual functionality for booking rooms, requesting information, and promoting my hotel, I expect I would reach a whole new audience.”


We were pleased to offer our services. We are able to help clients build websites, redesign existing ones, add e-commerce/web shopping functionality, etc. For creating and working on sites in non-Japanese languages, we have staff skilled in various languages, as well as native speaker technicians who work with us. We are able to offer website services in a variety of languages (from English to a host of Asian languages) to meet clients’ needs. Our approach is flexible. If you prefer to have us build the entire site, we can do that. Or, if you would like to have input in each step, we can do that as well.

If you inform us of your goals for the site, your budget for the project, and any other specifications, we can tailor make a package to suit your needs. If your business sees a lull during the rainy season, why not choose this as an opportunity to experiment with a more robust web presence? Once the peak summer and fall seasons arrive, it may be too late to boost your business’ appeal.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue



Beware the 3rd party app!

Japan Aid Osaka Rescue Squad Staff member: Inagaki


“I heard that smart phones can get viruses, too. What should I do to prevent this?” We received this question recently from one of our small business clients—which was somewhat coy since just last week one of their employees had developed an issue with a virus on his smart phone!


The culprit seems to have been a virus that was built into an app he downloaded. And it should also be noted that he is no novice with computers, is pretty familiar with IT devices in general, and has been using a smart phone for over a year. In this case, the app in question was a so-called “unauthorized app” (also known as a 3rd party app, which is a name that should be taken with more caution than it implies).


A 3rd party app is software that is not distributed through official application stores such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Google Play. Taking Android users, for example, a 3rd party app would be one that is not registered with Google Play, or one that is not registered with and approved by another official store (meaning the developer is not registered with the store and the app is essentially unidentified). These kinds of apps are distributed through individual sites or run of the mill homepages. Consequently, no warranty whatsoever applies to their operation and users must use them at their own risk.


In the case of the employee mentioned above, he was fortunate not to suffer any damage to his phone or data. We were able to erase the virus from his phone and return everything to working order. His employer, however, was now a bit leery of security issues and of something similar happening again. They wanted advice on company-wide anti-virus protection for all of their software and systems, including smart phones. We were happy to oblige.


Many may not be aware, but there have been reports recently even of normal apps, from official app stores, that also include malicious code much like that found in the unauthorized app noted above. A smart phone infiltrated by a virus can leak addresses, phone numbers, and even in some cases, stored credit card information, to other parties. Our client was quick to ponder, “What would have happened if some of our sales schedules or information had been leaked from the infected smart phone….”


Smart phones are valuable for their convenience, but that convenience can become a devastating weakness in some cases. We encourage the utmost security for your personal and corporate data. Please feel free to consult us for comprehensive data security options in this rapidly changing smart phone era.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue



Excuse me, but who stole my cursor?

Japan Aid Gunma Rescue Squad Staff member: Okabe


We received a call from Mr. A who is a sole proprietor running his own construction firm. He said that his “Internet was acting peculiar.” As we asked for more information he told us, “The line that’s usually there when I type in characters is gone.” Which is to say that the cursor had disappeared. This was a first for us, and we promptly headed over to the client’s office to examine further.


The computer at Mr. A’s office was running Windows 7. We started it up, ran a virus check, and noticed nothing out of the ordinary. However, when trying to type information into certain websites like Twitter and an SNS site, the cursor was missing exactly the way we’d been told over the phone. 


 “Have you changed anything on this computer recently?” we asked the client. But his reply was, “No, you’ve got me. Nothing comes to mind.” Then after a few minutes of thinking, he remember that an automatic update was carried out a few days back and the usual Internet screen had changed right about that time.


As we had another look at the computer, we noticed the web browser was Internet Explore version 9, which was the new version that took the place of version 8 in the update mentioned above. Mr. A confirmed, “You know, the trouble seemed to start when this browser screen changed.”


When a new browser version is installed, there are definite improvements in function, but then again, there can be drawbacks such as a cursor that stops responding to commands. There are different ways to deal with the problem, but in this case, the client felt that the previous version was easier to use and wanted to go back down to it. So we uninstalled version 9, replaced it with version 8, and voila! the cursor was back to normal.  


It seems that other users have been similarly troubled by this cursor issue with IE 9. Basically, cursor trouble is likely to be an OS incompatibility with the keyboard or mouse, an incompatibility with software that is installed, or an inadvertent settings adjustment. Whatever the cause, if you feel like something is awry, please feel free to contact us at your leisure.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue

Help Dealing with Lightning Risks

Japan Aid Kanagawa Rescue Squad Staff member: Takimoto


Parts of Japan have been buffeted by rain and lightning storms since yesterday. Here in Kanagawa, the lightning was amazing last night. Some of our staff even said that if woke them up. Perhaps that explains the large number of calls we are fielding today about lightning-related computer issues.


Fortunately, none of the equipment at our service center seems to have been affected this time around, but the rainy season is on its way and “electrifying” weather is going to become the order of the day. However it seems that a lot of PC users are still unaware of the fact that computers are vulnerable to lightning, and instead assume they are just at risk of losing their power like our lights and home appliances.


But in actuality, computers can sustain significant damage from a power outage or surge (a temporary influx of high-voltage current) due to direct lightning strikes. For example, if the power goes out right as you’re using your computer, the hard drive is stopped in mid-process and the platter could be scratched, preventing the drive from restarting. Or, if a surge comes through the wall to your computer, the huge power load can cause real damage.


Lightning first affects the power source, then moves to the main ports, spreads to each part of the machine, and wrecks all kinds of havoc. In extreme cases, the CPU, memory, and/or HDD can be ruined. This means that your valuable work or school data could be permanently lost (no data recovery is possible when dealing with charred remains).


For these reasons we recommend putting your lightning response plan in play as soon as you hear even a hint of thunder, no matter how far away it may seem. Stay tuned tomorrow for a list of concrete recommendations to include in your plan.


Our office is happy to help with any lightning damage prevention measures. We’ve had clients who asked us about company-level blackout and lightning plans, surge protectors and other lightning-related products, as well as similar concerns. Corporate users and personal users are both welcomed alike.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue



DVDs that won't play on my computer

Japan Aid Osaka Rescue Squad Staff member: Inagaki


Some of you lucky folks might find a little extra time here and there to catch up on your favorite movies and DVDs, only to hit an unlucky technical snafu. This was the case for one of our clients who called and reported, I tried to watch a DVD on my computer, but all I got was an error message.


Ms. W seemed to have a whole batch of DVDs she wanted to watch, including rented ones, purchased ones, and a few borrowed from friends. Our first suspicion was that she had put a Blu-ray Disc into her computer, but she assured us that they were all bona fide DVDs.


Actually, Ms. W had already received help from us before when she bought our Windows 7 Upgrade Pack.” This time around, she was concerned that her DVD drive was broken somehow because some discs played while others did not. Because of the number of her questions, we decided to make an on-site visit. We were able to confirm that nothing was wrong with the DVD drive or the hardware of her computer, and in fact, the DVDs we inserted all played fine. But Ms. W then produced a stack of others, some of which seemed totally unfamiliar.


“These seem to be foreign DVDs, correct?” we asked. And she confirmed that some of the DVDs were purchased abroad by a friend. We then assumed that the reported DVD drive problem was actually a problem with the disc itself. Ms. W couldn’t precisely remember which DVD had caused the trouble. We told her about the different region codes for DVDs and showed her how to find that information on the DVD package.


Region codes are limitations placed on DVDs to make them playable only in certain parts of the globe. Both the discs and the players have region codes, and if they don’t match, the disc can’t be viewed. So discs purchased outside Japan will not be viewable on Japanese computers.


In this case, Ms. W was relieved that her computer was in fine working order, but surprised that she had never heard of region codes before. In fact, she was now a bit confused by the variety of region codes, their presence in PCs as well as table-top DVD players, and the lack of information at point of purchase. These restrictions are fluctuating as well, so it is hard for us to give fixed advice on the best way to deal with region differences. Please feel free to contact us for advice and solutions in this department, but it might be a good idea to do so before you schedule your entire get together around the viewing of a homemade (or store bought) disc that may or may not spin when the lights go out!


As always, we are here to fill in the information gap.


For PC repair, setup, instruction, etc. contact Japan Aid PC Rescue


Driver Troubles

device managerDriver troubles are common on many computers. 

A driver is a piece of software that works between the operating system and a physical device. The operating system lacks the capacity control most devices, this is achieved through the use of drivers. A driver is necessary for each piece of hardware present in your computer.

Old drivers or drivers that were not designed for your hardware may cause troubles or slow don your computer significantly. If a driver is missing for a device you will not be able to use that device.

In this case our customer asked us to install several drivers that were missing from a computer, the most important being the network driver so that they could connect to the Internet.

We installed the appropieate most up to date drivers for our customer's hardware.

If you have drivers problem do not hesitate to contact www.pc99.org/e


Slow PC and not enough space on C drive

We had a call about a laptop that did not have enough space on C: so it was running into problems. It was also slow to boot and run the programs. 

Running out of space on C drive is a common problem, albeit a serious one. Windows needs a minimum of free space to run properly. If we run out of free space windows may not be able to store changes to system files or use virtual memory. This problem can generate data loose and even make the PC unable to boot.

There are many ways to make free space on your PC without changing a hard drive. We helped our customer remove more than 10GB of waste files as well as advised him on files that could be moved to an external drive.

We also set up the PC to achieve the best performance and now it runs at great speed. Fo more information about slow PCs or any IT trouble please visit www.pc99.org/e



Data Recovery from a laptop that does not boot

lenovoThis new lenovo laptop is barely 3 months old but it stopped working and would not boot. 

Our customer called us because the data on the hard disk was vital for their company so he needed a fast repair and data recovery.

In less than two ours after his call we were at the customer's place and made an full inspection of the laptop. We found out a hard drive failure and quickly recovered all the data to an external drive for our customer.

If you suspect hard drive damage and you have important data on the computer we recommend not using your computer until a diagnostic is made. Trying to use a PC with a failing hard drive will greatly increase your chances of losing data.

For more information about data recovery please visit www.pc99.org/e


Computer not booting (error message after logo)

Our customer called because a Sony Vaio desktop computer would not boot. It stopped after the vaio Logo and an error "Operating System not found" error message was displayed.

We identified the problem quickly that was related to a failing hard drive. The cause was that the computer was shaken violently due to an earthquake.

Because of this we always recommend our customers not to more or shake the computer while it is on. If there is an earthquake and we are using the computer it is better to shut it down or suspend it.

Fortunately the problem could be fixed thanks to our extensive knowledge in this type of problems. Now the computer boots fine and it is working as good as if it was new.

If you have problems with a computer that is not booting fine please contact http://www.pc99.org/e for professional support.


Internet slow

Our customer had spent many ours trying to fix a slow Internet connection when they decided to call Japan Aid.

We went on the same day to the customer's place and made a quick diagnostic. Internet was slower than usual and images would not load on some websites. Also some websites would load while others took forever to load.

It was a network with a Windows 7 laptop and a Windows XP desktop connected to a router and a NTT Flets modem.

After identifying the problem we solved it and explained the customer how to avoid similar situations in the future. Now all websites are loading fast without any problem.

If you are having problems with your Internet connection do not hesitate to contact Japan Aid on http://www.pc99.org/e


Internet Set Up

Changing the Internet provider can be a challenging experience. However Japan Aid can help you make the transition smoothly.

Our customer today had changed to a new ADSL provider. One computer that was connected through a wired LAN had access to the Internet, but another computer that was connected through wi-fi did not have Internet access.

We quickly set up the router and the network so that both cabled and wireless devices will work flawlessly.

If you need help with your Internet connection, do not hesitate to contact us on www.pc99.org/e


E-Mail Set Up and Troubleshooting

E-mail is a fundamental tool for today's companies and homes.
Email software can very often hide layers of difficult options that are very important for correct email usage.

Today our customer called us about an email problem on Windows Mail software. He could send emails but not receive them. We quickly identified the problem that was preventing our customer from receiving emails and fixed the settings.

Now our customer can easily receive and send emails and we also explained how to properly use Windows Mail software so that this problem will not happen again.

For more information about e-mail troubles please contact www.pc99.org/e/




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